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I'm not seeing the problem with accuracy as the major issue.  As described above, I'm seeing the variations in accuracy with minute changes in placement, and the ease of use. I never worry when shooting over my Caldwell, and 90% of the time I don't even use the sun shades and they both work perfectly.  But unit placement on this FX Radar unit is truly critical.  And anyone who's done a lot of shooting knows that you don't always shoot from some perfect cement Benchrest where the perfect positioning is even possible…  So were a person to own one of these as his/her only chronograph, how would they know if the speed were accurate based on position?  I know what my guns shoot at, so I know ballpark when shooting with the FX Radar when its in a position to give valid results. But what if I didn't?  So now I'm shooting and say it says 850 and keeps going at plus or minus 5 FPS.  But the speed is actually 890 fps?  It could result in a lot of problems from calculating holdover to determining BC for use in Strelok or Chairgun.  These are my issues, not just a couple of FPS in accuracy…