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my friend Giles is a lot more tactful and politically correct than I am. But I can't say this I played with that FX unit at the Rocky mountain air gun challenge and it worked flawlessly I knew to the foot per second what my gun was shooting and I shot it over three of them all of them work perfectly.

Even Giles mentioned the need for relatively precise positioning for accuracy.  Many seem to be getting dramatically different readings with relatively small changes in position of the FX unit with different positions needed for different guns.  It might be fine for 1 gun but if that is the case it would seem to be a problem for use across multiple guns.

I noted to mmahoney that for a truly valid comparison the Caldwell chronograph should have been repositioned each time along with the FX unit (he stated that he did not do this) as movement of either can cause a change in reading.  However, the optical chronographs seem to all have a basically similar positioning range for setup which most users can do relatively easily and one could expect that any variation in readings might be relatively lower in such an instance.  This does not necessarily seem to be the case with the smaller FX unit according to others.  Maybe the smaller size makes it harder to align easily.

It will be interesting to watch as I like the convenience of use/ease of transport of the FX unit and I would like to get one.  I will not buy one until I see that they are EASILY positioned for repeatable use across multiple platforms.  At this point I have doubts about that function.