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Do you think that shooting 50 pellets through the barrel and then cleaning the bore deeply can lead to bore polishing after, e.g. 10 cycles of such a process? I am talking about non abrasive method – just pure lead.

I am asking because my barrel tends to foul really fast in the choke area. I was thinking about pulling a felt pellet with JB Bore Bright through the entire barrel but I wonder if it can damage my bore.

Thanks a lot!

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NO …. lead that sloughs off does so due to friction, be it a tight spot in bore or surface finish roughness.  THIS IN NOT A UNIFORM BORE and IMO accuracy will suffer.

Abrupt rifling within leade shaves leads off & it too gets smeared into bore every sequential shot furthering the "Fouling" process.

The "BURNISHING" of lead evenly over the entirety of the bore would be called seasoned.  Tight spots and rough spots ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND … lol

Lapping or just simply light abrasive scrubbing will at minimum reduce the tight spots a bit and generally improve the surface finish.