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Looking at the picture it may be that the barrel is inserted a little too far. Try backing it out a little and see if your mag goes in/out. If not, Heavy-Impact is right on with that video. The reason I mentioned the barrel seating depth is that once the probe spacing is set it shouldn't really become unadjusted.

If the barrel is moved forward,it does the exact opposite and won't retain the magazine. The magazine falls out when it is cocked.The purpose of the barrel protrusion is  to locate the magazine by way of the exit cut out in the magazine.
Probe depth is 41 mm from the back of the stock to the feeder block.If that was increased,going by the above video….that would make matters even worse and I would not be able to even install that magazine because the probe would not retract far enough. I'm sure the pin on the cocking block has deteriorated…..which would cause the short travel of the probe in it's rear most position. The thing of it is…it's shooting great. 912 fps with 44 gr JSB's and hitting the small end of a pop can at 123 yards…………. consistently.Probe and transfer port must be spot on in alignment. I have a FFP scope coming…….so maybe I will take it apart when I install that scope since it would have to be re zeroed anyways with disassembly / assembly…….