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Just to recap what I think this thread is about . Adding plenum space ( up to 50cc extra)  ,which allows user to get same velocity with a lower regulator set point with the added bonus of efficiency. Opening the airway from the plenum ( factory) to the probe including transfer port ( as close to full bore port size), gets the user more speed and/or FPE. Last is adding a hammer weight , allowing the user to get the valve to open at higher reg pressures .( completely unnecessary for added plenum users ) and throws the “harmonics “ of the shot cycle off. I think that pretty much covers it . 

Im not making huge power with the .22 cal as set up , but the efficiency is way down. It is set up at 150 bar which means I’m only using 100bar while on the reg . Can anyone tell me where I can buy the rear gauge block , I have a plenum to use but would like to keep the factory block just in case I screw it up . Thanks