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The only downside is that the volume is relatively small so it's not as consistent and doesn't repsond as fast as the big units, but very portable nonetheless as you say!

I hadn't thought of it this way. Here's my thought process… Gun's fill pressure is 300bar max (Vulcan), reg in the gun is set to 130bar, external reg is set to 200 bar. I can't imagine why I'd ever worry about refresh rate. That's in a reg'd gun. Now if I was going to use this as an external 'regulator' for a un otherwise unregged gun, then I get your point, but there is still the entire volume of the guns tube/bottle to help mitigate any fill lag. 

Honest question… am I missing something???

Hi JCD, if your guns regulator is set to 130 bar, then you should be running an external reg at just above that say135-140 bar, running it at 200 will serve to make the external reg work much harder and less accurately.

I think it would be the other way around, or equal in "work". In the "accuracy" part it may be a bit more "inaccurate", who would care since it would be no where near the gun reg pressure and would have no effect on it's accuracy. If your regged gun has 200bar in it or 199.5bar in it would this be seen as any difference to a reg set at 130b?  Basically the air tank in the gun would be the plenum for this regulator, right? This reg would keep the gun cylinder at it's (the reg's) set pressure. If the reg is set to the pressure of the guns regulator then the inline would open on every shot, right? To keep the gun cylinder at the reg pressure. If you set the reg to double the gun's reg then the inline reg might also open on every shot, if the reg is able to change on 1/2 as much of a pressure drop, or it would only open on every other shot possibly.