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Great posts.

Had a few good times with the kids, plinking plastic dollar store figurines in the back yard:

Here is a post of mine about plinking with my kids from 2014:

I've been plinking quite a bit lately with my 2 oldest (10 yr old boy & 9 yr old girl) after school. They love using a couple of BBL 12 foot pound BSA SuperTens, one a 177 carbine & the other a full size 22.

I found they quickly tire of shooting paper, but love shooting "reactive" targets that they have to search for when hit. Plastic figurines like green army men, cowboys & indians, & dinosaurs seem to be their favorites, but pecans and even spare change are all game. BTW, the plastic figurines come in a good sized pack for a buck at the local dollar store.

After sighting in on some dot targets, we place a few figurines in front of the back stop & get serious. All shots are off a bench, & proper shooting practices / safety are strictly enforced. The distance is 24 yards, but I think it's time to increase it a bit.

It's gotten to the point that, after picking them up from school, the kids ask if we can plink outside if they can finish up their homework in time, & we are barely a block from the school! Music to my ears… 

My boy shot the green dino & my girl shot the blue one. Again, all shots at 24 yds. 

This post was a bitter sweet blast from the past.