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 Mine was shipped on Friday received on Saturday  from pyramid air . Ohio to West Virginia two days not bad! thank you Ruth @ PA  I also have been waiting a very long time seems like over six months .  So here's what I think about the Benjamin Fortitude ðŸ‘ðŸ» For a gun that only cost $299 made in America! Get over 60 good shots! Very accurate at 25 to 35 yards!!  Maybe further   I love it . When I first got it I shot 50 rounds to make sure it was working OK  and it was ! So the first thing I did was adjust the trigger  as to Airgun Depot YouTube video( replace trigger spring and adjusted sear Spring  )that all . Then switched out the stock with the disco stock that I had  (pictures below )  then I went shooting maybe 250 rounds of pellets Crossman 7.9 g /JSB match 7.87 g and JSB  EXACT 8.44   But JSB 7.87 we're the best for me the 25 yards one hole & @ 35 yards less than a half inch  ran out of daylight so I couldn't  shoot any further  ! One thing about the JSB match Diabolo 8.44  did not fit the magazine all that well seemed that the skirt was a little wide some I had to push-them in Mag ? But  were very accurate . My Fortutude is shooting at about 850 ft./s  in .177  ( see picture below )  it is backyard friendly but not quiet , sounds somewhat like a cap gun not bad but not  super quite  as far as the gun goes the bluing looks great , breach nice  all but the air tube is a little bit off . Also the bolt is a little bit  stiff seems like the hammer could be polished  I also don't think I would pay for a new trigger of any sort / adjust the one you have I don't think  it's worth  putting the extra money in it , once you adjust it it's  fairly good👌  all things considered great  airgun