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After I bought my Lab Radar I read a bit about it as it would give you accurate fps in increments.

I've since sold the unit, but as I recall the speed of the pellet, as well as the usual environmental conditions such as elevation, barometric pressure, temperatures, etc affect BC.

My conclusion was that it all hurt my head too much to bother with, and as Stoti insinuated, at the distances, FPS, FPE, regulator inconsistencies etc a .003 discrepancy in BC really isnt worth worrying about, with how, and what we shoot other than as a mental exercise. Unless you're writing a balastic program, or really really need to satisfy curiosity.

I typically use chairguns BC, or Hard Air mags.

There was someone.that posted here sometime ago that went thru the calculations with a Lab Radar for some common pellets. I dont recall any of those results to be significantly out of line with what we commonly use.


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