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Take a non-regulated, beautifully tuned PCP that delivers a killer bell-curve of 30 fps extreme spread over 35 shots. The above mentioned performance all occurs when said non-regulated PCP is filled to 205 bar max and shot down to 130 bar. 

Fill this same beautifully performing PCP to 250 bar and watch valve-lock take over. It’s going to shoot low POI and velocity until the pressure drops. This is because the set hammer strike cannot now properly open the valve as it requires more force with the added pressure.

A regulated system allows one to fill to much higher pressure such as 250 bar or higher and never experience valve-lock. This is because the pressure that the valve is subjected to is now limited by the regulator controlling it.

Take a well tuned regulated PCP that can perform very well for 50 shots producing a standard deviation of 3 fps and an extreme spread of 10 fps. All this said performance is with a max fill of 250 bar and regulator set to 135 bar.

If this regulated PCP has regulator creep, the regulator’s piston seat bleeds by and is not sealing properly due to one problem or another. This system that once performed so well, being that the pressure in the plenum and on the valve was regulated to 135 bar, could now be subject to much higher creeping pressures of well over 200 bar. This will usually occur, once the reg has the issue, after the gun sits for a good length of time. The first few shots will have valve-lock like symptoms (low POI and velocity) until the pressure is regulated again.



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