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The BC of a pellet can and does change, most notably with velocity changes. For our uses though, once you find a velocity that you'll have your gun tuned to and the BC at that velocity, you can use those numbers to punch into your ballistic calculator and you'll be fine. Like 18.13 said, don't make me explain. It's obviously a lot more complex than that but sometimes, in most cases actually, this will be good enough for air gun ranges.

If you want to read more on anything associated with ballistics, do a search for Brian Litz. He's the ballistician for Berger bullets and the man who started Applied Ballistics. He's probably the foremost authority on these types of things. He has 3-4 books out on the subject that are packed with useful information. Not the most fun reading, but if you want to really learn about this stuff, mandatory reading.


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