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I hope you didn’t take it like I was baggin’ On the 22 and 177 cal. Not at all, just saying how they “feel” to me after taking ownership of both the 25 and 30 calibers. I own a FWB 124 in 177 that’s accurate, a Beeman R10 in 177 that’s also accurate, and my Beeman RX1 gas ram in 20 caliber has taken a ton of rats back in the day, stopping them right on the spot. I thought I didn’t need any other, till I discovered a Marauder PCP in 25 cal two years ago, and since then, I decided bigger was better. 

But, I know my limitations of what I want to spend on Airgun ammo, and I’ll never ever go any higher than a 30 cal. I can easily go thru a $10.50 tin of Vortex 44.75 grainers at .07 cents a shot in an afternoon of target practice combined with chronograph testing. I can’t see doing the same with pellets that cost .15 to .20 cents a shot. Which is why I’ll never be a slug shooter, lol.