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Actually I was agreeing with Scott.  It's not that creep isn't a problem with some regulators, it's that the extent of it is exaggerated by tunes that are not adjusted properly.  Just a couple of days ago I posted an explanation of how the self-regulation (bell curve) of a conventional PCP applies just as readily to regulated PCPs.

It was met with crickets chirping, as it is much of the time when someone posts about creep and they can't even be bothered to comment as to whether the HST is adjusted properly.

What MOST folks do not fully understand or grasp is the basic operation of a knock open valve.  Makes no difference if a conventional or regulated configuration, the base line being if valve has more pressure within, harder it will be to open or the reverse, less pressure easier to open.


The issue that is not being grasped by so many self tuners is that IF YOU HAVE EXCESSES in hammer weight or EXCESSIVE spring force driving the hammer …. valve will respond by still fully opening at differing pressures.  That miens simply … If reg creeps and plenum has more pressure guns going to shoot faster PERIOD !


The missed trick ( Those of us who are attempting to teach you already know this ) is finding that sweet spot where the hammers weight and spring rate driving it are near there peak of strike energy at a specific pressure. * In other words, if valve gets harder to open with a increase in plenum pressure due to creep there is no excess in hammer strike energy to overcome it and gun In simple terms shoots the same speed.

THE REGULATOR allows the plenum to fill to a far more consistent pressure than a non regulated gun and come fills end … MORE consistent shots in the Fill / Refill range over a non reged gun.


There is a lot more going on that is not getting stated here … And the link above provided by Nervoustrig is a worthwhile read if you actually wish to get a better grasp of what we're saying.


Scott S

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