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AAFTA rules are a little bit more lenient than WFTF international rules.  In WFTF, you are basically allowed nothing electronic on the rifle, and that includes electronic leveling devices.  A US competitor had one attached to his scope several World Championships back, and made him remove it.  Also, in WFTF rules, tablets, phones, computers of any kind are forbidden.  

If you need more clarification,  Greg Sauve is the US representative for the rules of WFTF.  You can also go to the AAFTA and WFTF websites, and download both organizations complete rules.  I always have a copy of each in my phone, in case of any disagreements, disputes, or inquiries on the rules.  As an assistant match Director, it's a very good idea to have this at my disposal. 

Tom Holland 

Field Target Tech 

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