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In AAFTA rule FIELD TARGET,  Unattached 'Bi-pods' are allowed in hunter divisions … correct

As too wind measuring devises,  A flag or other simple devise may be attached to the gun … NO HAND HELD ELECTRONIC devises allowed ( kestrels etc … )

Bubble or electronic levels are allowed and very common.

D.O.P.E. charts, pages of data , charts etc are also allowed. * Not sure on electronic devises such as phones with ballistic programs are allowed ?


UNDERSTAND …. Time IS NOT your friend in FT and if following the rules you have a TOTAL of 5 minutes to address the 2 targets ascertaining there distances, figuring out winds if present,  look up your data then apply to shots … AND TAKE THE 4 SHOTS within the allotted time.   Any shots taken after 5 minutes are ZERO'S !! hit or not. * If following the rules.


Club shoots are looser and time generally in not enforced .. tho IMO it should be ! …. As our clubs match director see MUCH abuse to the time in lane that slows the entire match down and does a dis-service in teaching the game where you just can't sit there and Fiddle F around waiting for the ideal conditions and a lack of confidence to break the shot.


Off my soap box …

Scott S