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Sounds like a burr in the transfer port to me. Did you buy this gun new or used? You say you’re a new owner, and I’m taking that as this is your first ever pcp gun and you possibly bought it used? If so, the previous owner probably put in a larger transfer port and did the recommended transfer port enlarging but didn’t debur properly after the drilling. Something is catching on the pellet as it passes thru. If it’s a new gun I would still suspect this as it came that way from the factory, un deburred.

also, if you find the cocking hard, or feels like it’s scraping, the channels inside in both the pressure pipe and receiver that the hammer and bolt lugs ride on should be deburred with a polishing ball on a Dremel or drill, then apply some moly paste along these channel edges. On my Marauder pistol I noticed the bolt  lug on the receiver was starting to form a hex flat instead of remaining round as it came, and saw that it was scraping against the channel slot. I took a polishing ball bit along with a jewelers file to the channels sides and that cured all that. Cocks really smooth now.