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Certainly would tighten em up.  

.177 is the cal. that teaches wind reading & doping. Now if you must shoot in what I'd car a parking lot (standard BP range) with no grass/tree's/something to judge ugh, wind flags would be a must. Outdoors as in FT in on a grassy/wooded course 20fpe then "12fpe" does really offer an opportunity to figure some wind freestyle.  Makes shooting anything else easier airgun or other.

 A "bragging" group from some years ago,  four  3 shot groups at 110 yards in .177.  Pretty well the end of energy it seemed as most pellets did not pass through the cardboard baker.  Winds were gusting to a measured 15mph w/heavy Hollow swirl  with a 60" total wind block at 60 yards (barn). NO idea where the missing pellet went.

 A bit over 15 minutes to shoot 12 shots while trying to watch everything that could blow/move.   Briefly thought of welding 50 or so 55gal. can together for a wind tunnel but that's really just for tuners and harder core airguns than myself. 

  And ya, could be any wind pushing against the rifling of pellet in flight just might exasperate any possible wobble/other , any pellet defect showing up greater in wind, and????????????