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I hear ya. I changed a bunch of the O-rings in the valve system when I took it apart. I was going to take the regulator apart today and instead just decided to take a step back and wait until tomorrow. When the slow leak started a while back. I sprayed detecta-leak on every single leak spot like two or three different times and didn't get any bubbles. If I don't find something in the regulator tomorrow that's definitive, I'm sending it back. That way, I know both leaks will be fixed. The guys in the repair dept. told me it would be fixed in a few days because it's a MKII and is brand new, it gets priority. So, a week to get there, a few days in repair and a week to get back to me…three weeks. I can deal with that, knowing it will be fixed right. I've already take,n it apart three times and inspected everything with a magnifying glass, I don't think one more time is going to help anything. Thanks for all your help!