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Well the Talon SS .22 is here. I scoped it (Athlon Talus 4x12x40), took the top hat off and put some home made washers under (about 1mm), put the top hat back to original position and blue locktight on the grub screws. The tank was completely empty….have only a hand pump….I lost count around 400+ strokes. Pumped it up to 2600 psi. After much reading decided from information available that should be near the beginning of the sweet spot of the bell curve (had to use an assumption as don’t yet have a crony yet). Sighted in the scope, windage was good from first shot but low. Two more shots and am at one inch low at 10 yards, where it will stay till I have a chance to go outside and check 20,30 and 40 yds. Raining outside.

I shot 13 pellets total to sight in and then to confirm, and just a few to see how it shoots. One ragged hole. Those 13 shots depleted the tank by approximately 200 psi. It took 40 pump strokes to get it back up to 2600 psi. Since I’m hand pumping I will probably only shoot between 15 and 20 shots before topping off the tank. That should keep the velocities pretty consistent because it is in the heart of the sweet spot and I won’t have to wear myself out pumping.

Can’t hardly wait for squirrel season…