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Great responses, thanks.  I've done some testing.  Works fine without a pellet.  Smooth movement, just like I think it should feel.  I tried inserting a single pellet without the magazine and that didn't feel right.  When pushing the pellet into the breech it sticks and takes more force than I think it should to push it in and then kind of snaps home.  I tried a couple of different pellets (good quality).  This happens with about 3/8" of the bolt away from being fully closing.  I thought maybe I'd do a bunch of pellets like that to see if it would smooth it out.  Some were better than other but then I came to one that just wouldn't go.  I don't know if I could have forced it a little harder and got it to go in but I know that's not right.  It did fall out so it's not lodged in there but something just isn't right.  

Is the sticking and breaking loose normal or is that just a lesser indication of the problem?

I guess the only option is to return it to Crosman?  Any home remedies?  I could grease it a little but don't think that's all it needs.