Reply To: FX Chrono



Yeah Pappy, methinks you'll like it. You'll have a hard time shooting that black box and it's pretty accurate on it's readings too. I had a pro chronograph and it was a pain in the rear taking the chair, table, shooting stand, pellets, gun, drink etc,etc,etc outside and then dragging them back inside. The window I shoot out, of on the second story of my house, never got enough sunlight to use in the room … the radar takes care of that pain pretty good. Also when I shoot out the window the sound stays in the room. I've had neighbors that never had a clue what I was doing upstairs. Guess I'm a sneaky little rascal but I don't bother them and they don't bother me. You are gonna need a small camera tripod for it to work well, but other than that you should be set to go when it arrives.

Here's a pic of where I shoot from … this was before I got the FX Chrony