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Is relocating your existing compressor a possibility?  My compressor is in my garage. It's an electric one but if it was gas powered it would be outside the door in a small purpose built structure to keep the worst of the elements out. Basically a well sealed shed the size of a doghouse (with very good ventilation).  

I know you weren't asking about this, just the question that came to mind when I read your post.

My compressor is big and HEAVY, but near my tanks and 0 issues beyond maint. including an oring that seems to go out too often (still easy to do). Even still, I've been paying attention the compressor posts waiting for a consensus the 'best' (performance/price/reliability). Nothing seems to have come close to what I have, mostly because it's already paid for. Been filling an SCBA tank at least 3-4 times a month for 9 years, not from empty. More from like 1800psi to 4400psi. I've got 21 hours on the meter.  So mine was (est) $3300. But have only changed oil once, that pesky oring 2x and a 3rd to come when I allocate time takes 5 min) and 'water filter' once ( I should prob do all of that more often).  So that an average of $340 a year and that will only do down until there is a bigger issue to deal with.

If your current one performs that well, I'd look for a relocation option.

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