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Thanks for all the replies. Indeed it's a learning process.  After posting I tried casting with the mold again and this time I did not soot the cavity as suggested by the maker of the mold. Immediately, I ran into mold sticking problem and I had to smack the handle VERY HARD to get the cast separate from the mold.

Then disaster happened.  Because of the violent smacking actions, the aligment pin moved outward and made it impossible to close the mold completely !  I thought that's the end of it.  The mold was permanently damaged after less than 30 pours and producing just a handful of usable slugs. 

As there was nothing more to be lost, I heated up the mold , put it into my table vise and pressed the two halves together. Much to my pleasant surprise, the play previously seen is now gone !  The fitting between the mold halves is now perfect ! I went on to cast some slugs and this time I sooted the cavities to ensure good release.   DA DA !!! .  No more seam lines !  All the slugs look just perfect !  I am so pleased with the quality of the mold that I ordered another one of slightly smaller head diameter ( 5.52 mm ). 

Yes , I am using a Lee bottom pour furnace which is another big headache. The temperature control is just hopeless.  With the temperature control knob set to about 5.5 ( slightly above middle ), the lead will solidify completely after a while before the thermostate kicks the heater on and melts the lead again.  I am planning to fix it by installing a PID controller and that will be another learning process …..