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Does it do it with the magazine out? If so, the problem could be one or two things. (I believe )


The “grease” used in this area during assembly for what ever reason will turn to a consistently and the feel of sap. 


there is a adjustment screw on top and at the back of the breech. This screw hold tension on the bolt to keep it from flopping around during operation. If you feel the need to adjust this, do so with very little movement. 

What I recommend is to take the breech off to access the bolt and the area the bolt slides through. Give it a through cleaning and a light lubing with a quality moly grease.

If you need detailed help on removing the breech, PM me and we’ll set up a time to go over it. 



Pull back on the bolt and hold it open. Does your bolt feel sticky at all? If so you can try spraying a gun suitable solvent in and around the bolt while working it back and forth and around.