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1" at 60 outdoors is great! I too am considering the light hammer and spring but trying to be careful not to spend to much on this rifle. I've really been having fun experimenting with different things and so far one of the most interesting mod for me has been graphite powder spray. We use it on aircraft brakes and its basically graphite powder that is floated in a solvent. 

It goes on like spray paint then dries rapidly.

I sprayed it on the hammer and it dropped my ES to about 8! Then I decided to enlarge TP and now it's back up to 20 or so😏

Interesting.. so what effect is the spray having in the hammer exactly?

so its really just a way of generously and evenly coating the hammer in graphite as compared to applying dry graphite powder say with a brush. I would have to guess that the graphite powder (whether applied dry or wet) prevents the hammer from getting side loaded in the tube allowing for more consistent hits on the valve stem when firing. 

Ah! I misread your post, for some reason I read it as just putting it on the hammer "spring". Makes perfect sense now 👍 

My vote is also an ES of 10 or better. My goal is always zero, but I start seeing grouping problems when a shot deviates 4-5fps (not talking SD avg).