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What's your turn around time when you sent your gun to FX in the US?

Something is horribly wrong with my trigger mechanism on my Impact, and I cant shoot it. No first stage, and either wont cock, wont shoot, or hair trigger. All within a quarter turn.



A quarter turn is a lot on this trigger, assuming you are working with the second stage adjustment screw. I'm assuming you have not decreased the first stage travel with the front screw. If that's true, then you can have "no first stage" by having decreased the second stage weight a bit too much, and it will not reset, or catch the hammer to cock, depending on how much it has been decreased (counter clockwise). If you start turning it in slowly, you should reach a point at which it cocks and holds. If the first stage does not reset, you need to increase it a bit more. Sorry if this is basic and repetitive for you. I don't much like these triggers, but they can be adjusted to what I would call a good field or position target trigger. My Royale releases at a bit over 8 ounces, with about half the weight in the first stage, and a good crisp release.