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For me, when it comes to caliber choice, a prime consideration is locale and proximity of neighbors etc.

Of my airgun arsenal — 15 and counting —  at least half are the .25 caliber. I love the power and versatility of the .25 caliber. And just as "Rangur1" stated, the .25 caliber does provide more margin for error in accuracy when hunting and pesting. 

That being said, due to my backyard — in this suburban subdivision — restricting me to 45 yards at best and my consideration for my very tolerant neighbors, I find my preference to be the quieter .22 caliber Taipan Veteran and my modded .177 caliber Impact, with the polygonal LW barrel. 

I love the .25 caliber and if I had the space this no doubt would be my rifle of choice. However, as things stand now,I do not envision acquiring another .25 caliber.