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My owners manual for an Impact X on page 15 says: Adjustments to the trigger are not a warrantied service.

Did you buy that Impact new? Every trigger has a different feel. Mine was not what I'd call a crisp trigger. It was little soft on the second stage, however at just over a pound I got used to it and knew exactly when it would break the shot. Did you try to adjust it? 

In the 7 months I've had mine I sent it in twice. After over 10,000 rounds I sent it in for a low power issue (C3 bumper). And again for a leak (of all things it was the bottle adapter). First time it took a month from out the door to back again, the second time it was about 3 weeks. Their customer service is some of the best I've seen. You call, explain the problem, talk to a tech who tries to help you solve it yourself, and then decide if you need to send it in. Very professional. 

Reading the above posts, I think calling someone like Ken Hicks is a good idea. I may have to look him up myself someday.