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farshot, here is a some info I copied for you: 

All you have to do is remove your regulator, take it apart, and measure the piston and the size of the belleville springs, and then order the appropriate one. I installed one of the Gen 3 in a Crown that I modified for more power… one of the first things you notice when you get it is that the machining is so perfect it appears to have been made by a jeweler instead of a machinist. The function is nothing less than perfection itself. I set the one in the Crown .25 I modded up to 180 Bar which allowed me to shoot the JSB 34 grain MKI's out of the slug liner at 1015-1020 ft/s which equals about 78-79 ft lbs energy…and they were laser accurate at 50 yards…I mean exactly in the same hole! You will be thrilled with the performance.

For the FX Impact (X) we have 3 models replacement regulators available, please select the correct model based on your factory regulator dimensions:
Gen 1 : Factory regulator with a 14 mm long polymere piston and 8 mm diameter belleville springs.
Gen 2 : Factory regulator with a 16 mm long polymere piston and 8 mm diameter belleville springs.
Gen 3 : Factory regulator with a 16 mm long polymere piston and 10 mm diameter belleville springs (current model)