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What I found was awesome! No rust, no forms of oxidation, and the beads all looked clean. I had done some research as an effort to school myself on dessicant types, and what I found out is that activated Alumina does not interact with aluminum when wet, and I could sense that Hatsan USA in our emails back and forth on this matter, that they were leaning more in this type over the Silica gel dessicant. So for now, I replaced the beads back into the block and closed everything back up until I find and buy some Alumina.

The O- ring that was used originally was all torn up along the circumference edge, as if maybe the O- ring used was too thick. I found the correct size in my O-ring kit box, and used that rather than what came in the compressors rebuild kit.


For future reference, I labeled on the block the correct size metric O- Ring.