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Hey Long, 

I was looking through the FX crown master class disassembly youtube video and happen to hear what you're speaking about at about 14:50 on the video. The leaking when it's on low. The continuums have a different setup for changing the transfer port size, but has the same concept of an inner barrel and outer one with o'rings to seal. Send an email to FX USA and let them know what's up, they are pretty responsive and probably will send you some free o'rings to change the ones you have. I got mine back working, and will check tomorrow if I see anything like you seeing when I change mine too low.

I forgot to add that there are two more o'rings on the inner barrel. You can take that inner barrel off by unscrewing the star screw on the opposite side of the action. When you go to put it back in there is a notch at the bottom of the barrel that lines up with the inside of the block.



That's good to hear!  I was checking that out as well so I didnt botch anything on disassembly.  But to get the TP wheel out, all I had to do was remove 1 bolt, and it pulls right out.  I'm 100% certain it's a pressure/sealing issue.  I'm hoping the .2mm oversized orings will fit.  If so, I can almost guarantee THAT leak withh be fixed.  But with as much pressure builds at the spot I have to wonder if it's going to eventually cause another leak.  I've been shooting on minimum hammer spring still 130bar and .22 TP setting with no issues.

If I continue to have issues, I'll reach out to them for sure.


Also, I've been removing the inner barrel when swapping between 700 and 380mm  The gun came with 2 complete barrel assemblies for the two sizes.  Part of the reason I got it.  $100 over standard price for a $400 barrel, and moderator (which is completely empty, BTW, and does a bit to muffle sound, but I have 35 and 40$ moderators that fit and do a MUCH better job)  Also, internal and receiver updates.