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Golfer, when the slow leak started, I used the detacta-leak spray on every likely leak spots and couldn't find anything. So, it could be anywhere, although because it's leaking so profusely out of the transfer port, I would think it's at the valve seat like Heavy suggested. I'll check it thoroughly again tomorrow and see what I can find.

One of the things that has me perplexed is why when I fill the gun is there no leak and then after 60 shots, 20 shots, 10 shots or whatever, then it all dumps? Once it starts, I tried firing 5-10 shots to see if I could get it to seal back up but it won't. Once it starts, it won't stop until my gun drains down to about 40BAR.

I don't know where it is, so I'm taking all the advise I can get and will use all the advice that you guys share with me to find this sucker. Like Heavy said in the previous post, it sounds like it should be the valve seat but the o-ring and actual metal valve seat looked fine. Actually, everything looks fine, that's why it's so frustrating! And, I have the slow leak to find too! I made a video of the rear of the gun when the air was dumping but I think the video is too long to upload.

I'm still on vacation so I'm having a little Ernest Rowe "Masterclass" movie marathon. I ran out of silicone lube but have more coming tomorrow along with some more o-rings. I'm going to watch all of the videos today, mellow out and really think about this until tomorrow, when the lube and spare O-rings get here, take it apart again and dissect every part of this gun until I find it. If I can't find the leak tomorrow, I guess I'll have no choice but to send it back to FX. They told me because it's a new gun, it would probably be fixed in just a few days. With shipping time and repair time, I should have it back in about 3 weeks. It sucks because I shoot almost every day and am supposed to be slug testing but don't know what else to do to fix it. Hopefully I'll find something tomorrow and it won't come to that! 

On the bright side… I shot an 8 shot group today at 75 yards that had all of the slug holes touching! The target was a 1" circle and all of the shots were easily inside that circle. Then the dreaded ppssssttt sound of air escaping and I had to come home! The slugs were the VK 31.5 grain that I had pushed through a .249" sizing die. Shot at 945fps.

Keep any thoughts or suggestions coming please!!!

I just uploaded the video I made yesterday when the leak started again. I made the video to share with the FX tech dept. not you guys so take it for what it's worth. Just want to show how much and where the air is escaping. Since this video, I took the gun apart, thought it was fixed and then the leak came back again this morning. The video is all over the place and partially upside down because I was talking, filming while trying to point out the leak at the same time. The video sucks but it will show the leak!




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