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I mean there are a lot of weird things about the website. The theft of Daystate's copywriting I hadn't noticed, and that is pretty cringey, but the random stock photos of women with badly photoshopped pictures of their rifle is also bad but sadly pretty typical. You'll notice their website is in Vietnamese, and they display a Vietnamese flag, however their address at the bottom is in Portugal. The website really is your typical mishmash of garbled translations and stolen IP typical of developing Asian countries where a brand pays a web developer to cheaply build a native language and English site for them. Said web developers generally scrape together marketing copy and some stock photography from a bunch of sources and (apparently) that works in those countries. 

That is a whole hot mess I don't know what to say, let alone do, about. What I'm more curious about though are the rifles themselves. There have been sporadic reports of pretty darn nicely shooting rifles coming out of small Asian shops all over the place. This one has some promise of actually being handled by reliable sources in the western world:

Thus I'm at least hoping someone will have handled one and/or knows more about them. There are just so many cool and exotic airguns out there, seeing a company that appears to be thinking outside the box makes me curious.