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There is no way to get your Leshiy right without a chronograph. Then you just follow the Leshiy tuning instructions. When you turn the hammer screw all the way clockwise it will stop. That is zero preloaded on the hammer spring. Back it out one click and start shooting through the chrono. My gun has a Huma set at 100b and it’s best tune is at 15 clicks CCW. The gun will go at least 28 clicks CCW but you are absolutely punishing the valve striking it that hard. Just remember, you are looking for that first dip in velocity. Here is how my last tune went. The numbers indicate clicks CCW on the hammer spring. I will skip 1-10 and start at shot 11 at 11 clicks.

11. 778fps

12. 800fps

13. 837fps

14. 845fps

15. 854fps

16. 862fps

17. 865fps

18. 861fps

19. 860fps

The first drop in velocity came on shot 18 at 18 clicks CCW. Went back to 15 clicks and the gun will be operating at peak efficiency. That simple and that’s why you need a chronograph. Huma shouldn’t effect the warranty on the rest of the gun. You shouldn’t have to worry about it anyway.