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I hope the Huma reg helps, but I'm afraid it is not the problem, or not all  the problem. Assuming no issue with the hammer and spring assembly, I would suspect something in the barrel assembly. You should probably be sure that you are not going to seek further assistance from FX before installing the Huma, as I expect they will claim it voids the warranty. 

FX is very innovative, and they make some interesting products, but the new stuff is too complicated for my taste. And the way they continue to design and re-design things at a frenetic pace, it suggests to me, maybe they aren't spending enough time in perfecting fewer, but very solid rifles. I don't need one rifle to do everything, it just needs to do a few things very well, and in a reliable manner. The only FX rifle I currently own is the old school Royale 400, IMO the best rifle they ever made, and one of the best I have ever owned. But I digress, good luck in resolving your problems.