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That's sweet about the louis and clark gun dude. When people smirk at me when i tell them about my airguns that can kill deer and inevitably they tell me how inhumane hunting deer with an airgun is, I always refer them to that airgun. One question that I have about that gun is why in the world did they choose an airgun? did they have porters that carried the pump? How big was the pump? How was it worth it in a size wieght carry prospective? I have a muzzleloader which is a lyman great plains rifle in 50 cal and can tell you id rather carry the powder. However maybe they took it because there was absolutely no way to resupply? I am asking not giving an opinion. Btw I have just got baptized a couple of months ago im not religious and have no specific church but i believe in the power of prayer through jesus christ and i will be praying for your health issues. I hope you feel better brother -john

The pump is the size of a bicycle pump just like the one we use today,

Lewis was a scientist at heart and soul and personal friend of the president, I am sure there was a lot of reasons why the Garandoni found its way into his kit, 

Personal request to test the gun for possible use in the military

The fact it doesn't use powder and therefore will act as a backup if they run out of powder

It was much quieter than a muzzle loader ànd didn't produce smoke when fired I believe part of the intention was to use it as a means to bring animals down for study without wasting precious powder nor give way location with the loud report of a gun an smell of powder

To scare the living pee-pee out of the natives ,,, again this airgun did something very very very few people in the civilized world ever saw little own the Indian culture he knew that it would be considered powerful magic and used it for all it's worth for just that purpose