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It just struck me. The important part of this making sure the rifle is level. By canting the scope to look level and it makes the rifle be actually level wouldnt that achieve to goal?

Not for me.

But I guess it would depend on what your "goal" is.

In order to have a predictable/consistent trajectory at all distances, the vertical reticle must intersect the bore, and the vertical reticle line must be held vertical when shooting. That is what's important to me. If you do that, it's possible that the stock might look/feel slightly canted, but I would not be worrying about those 2 or 3 degrees. If it does bother you, then you have an ergonomic problem, and you can correct it in several ways, including: 1) bend the barrel sideways, 2) move the scope to the right (offset mounts), 3) change the stock/inlet, etc.

For a 2" high scope, 2 degrees represents about 1/16" off center in the scope tube, in relation to the bore.