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Nice shooting, I'll bet it's fun to shoot. I'd be curious to know how the Huben stacks up against it.


Yeah this, been looking at both of these guns also.

I am a little hesitant In these semi ( auto ) guns , after owning a monsoon and having a lot of issues with it buying another one like it makes me think twice 

Did anyone else happen to see the vid on YouTube of Giles shooting it at the RMAC in full auto and it malfunctioning and I believe a pellet shot out the rear of the magazine and hit his face ?  I just tried to search for it again and it didn’t come up.   

Anyone have and info on this ? Or any other issues like it.  Looked liked it shocked him pretty good when it happened.  

I was on that range-stage when it happened. It is where you went to zero, figure out a problem and where the big bores were working their guns. I had shot the same rifle just before, maybe 20 minutes earlier give or take.

Now it was loud because of the big bores, and I was talking with others.  I saw Giles jump up and off the bench, reaching for his check as to cover it and then returning to the bench pretty darn concerned. What I thought was said was, he was hit with some type of blowback, and he was shocked. It was clear to see he was done with that rifle.

I think if he was hit with a pellet, he would have needed some first aid at least a bandage? He left not long afterward, but, and I do not know for sure, I don't think he was hit with a pellet? 

I would think since Airgun 101 is his, there must be a way to get a message to him. He was around all weekend and is a regular type of person, not a celebrity or something. It seems to me he would answer and be honest.