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Haha thats funny.   Welcome max……   I welcome you to 200 yards and all the starlings u can fling a projectile at!!  “Have at em!”


no, its very funny to me because i got a sound beating when i first joined this forum for narrowly missing a woodchuck at 220 i think it was.  I almost left, but then i got some encouragement from other folks here and stayed.  Glad i did.  

Now im realizing there are a select few members that cant help but interject on long range posts with their views.  They are vocal and relentless.  They seek these posts out and “plus one” each other like they gain something by spouting off.  It near a point of pride how close their “far limit” is.  Almost akin to how far a furthest kill is, but with none of the practice required.   I no longer care what they think.    And i dont care what they think about what i do.   


I now know that there are plenty of people looking for info and advice on long range.   Way more than are opposed to it.  My inbox here gets some questions, but my utube  comments/questions are dang near a part time job to answer.   People want the info.   I want to share it, whatever i know.  And i love saying i dont know, but someone else probably does.   I want this sub-forum to augment my learning as well.   There is always someone better, and in my case there are lots of folks better im sure.   Lets learn from each other!