Reply To: FX Radar




Mmahoney good info.  I think consistency is most important vs accuracy as long as the readings are within an approx 10 FPS range of the true velocity  

Your test certainly shows the trend, confirms it in your case.  When I get a chance I will try more variations as well.  Did you try the same three setup with:

1. Placing the FX a couple inches before or after the muzzle? 

2. Changing the sensitivity to min and max?



Agree.  Good trial but hard to ascertain what is going on.  Looking at the numbers in the tables above by mmahoney, it appears that the FX is as consistent (high to low reading range) as the Caldwell.  How to know which is "more accurate" as to an actual velocity number?  Maybe the FX is giving the "most accurate" number as to actual velocity and not the Caldwell.  Hard to know without an outside standard.  

The variation in the FX by position is something to be considered but I wonder whether moving the Caldwell (angle to bore) slightly might produce similar results.  Was the Caldwell position in relation to the rifle changed during the above measurements?