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Let me add some info on this post.

Please visit this site and go to the bottom of the page:

I know my Taipan was build in Ukraine, but the official site is listing them now done in the Czech Republic. Also before, RL airgun was the main distributor and from him the gun was delivered to Talon Tunes, Georgia Airguns and a few other guys that sell them, I know this because a friend was trying to buy a spare part for his Taipan and everyone was sending him to the RL Airgun guy.

Now… just recently I checked this and saw that that US dealer is now listed as Utah Airguns, and to my surprise the Utah guys have the latest version. And that version has the CZ barrel now in the .25 cal and also it's offered with the new synthetic stock, not much marketing have been done on this but this is a reality now. And the guns are in stock (that's what they told me when I called, I see some are sold out but they are receiving the new version already) Yet I still see people buying form Talon Tunes the old model, this is confusing.

I'm really putting an eye on that Laminate .25 long…..

I'll try my best and do a review on mine soon! In the last video I posted, I show my gun at the very beginning…here


Also I just bough a 3D printer and I'm planning to do the Mag Holders, the one you can see on the video are from Bizill I don't know where I can get the file for the printing but I'll be into 3d printing custom stuff, I'll keep you guys updated on that, the printer is not at home yet, but I've already ordered it.


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