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WOW!!. This is crazy.  Very important for ALL us airgun users regardless of experience to understand the potential impact on our environment.  Careless, reckless use of air guns for pest control will change this sport for ALL.  Dispatching pests on farms or in isolated Urban areas is one thing, but using in a moderately dense populated area at a time of day when people are stirring around will lead to more of this.  Please understand the trajectory of your pellet, the probability of ricochet…..just don’t use your gun in these areas.  Maybe if legal set up a feeding area with a backstop…shoot from a designated area in a designated direction….BE disciplined!  Find a way to be safe.

News stories like this will ruin our hobby/sport for everyone!  Please educate your fellow airgunners and children, if we as participants do not stop this the Government WILL….and they will overreact!

I hope the moderators and owners of AGN will make this a hot topic in every forum, just as they do with their promotions.  I reiterate if we don’t change/ educate ourselves….beware, could be the beginning of the end of an industry.  Cash flow disruption….BUT long term debts will need to be paid!  Please, Please lets do something to contain.