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Hey Samuel. I'm in south east Queensland. Where abouts are you based? 

I would say if you have your dreamline set for around 30 FPE with 18.13 grain pellets at full power then low would be right on the low 500's for your pesting. I would recommend using lighter pellets like the 15.9 or 13 grain jsb to keep your velocity up and your energy down. Helps to shoot a bit flatter. The power wheels are slightly different levels but I use an FX Royale 22 for all my pesting and switch from high to low for field/shed work and it is perfect. On low it is about 10.8FPE. If you end up only using it on low then I would suggest lowering you regulator so you are still achieving your minimum velocity while extending your usable shot count. Maybe 80 or 90 bar?