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Here's how I remember it goes and there is a time limit to accomplish all this; you have one chance to file a claim, one chance to contest USPS's denial of your claim, and if USPS denies your contest, one chance to have "their" third party arbitrator review your claim.  If the third party sides with the USPS you are screwed, done, fine.  Make sure you provide LOTS of documentation including proof of the completed sale (exchange of funds) and the price the buyer paid. In the eyes of the USPS, that is what it is worth.  USPS was not, in my experience, interested in reimbursing shipping costs.  I had shipped a brand new scope I'd won on eBay to the manufacturer to install a custom reticle in it.  I insured the scope for the full MSRP amount, which was considerably more than I paid for it.  The scope didn't show up at the manufacturer in a reasonable amount of time, USPS couldn't track it beyond my town and finally acknowledged they'd lost it.  I submitted an insurance claim along with all the manufacturer's info on the scope including MSRP.  USPS denied my claim citing insufficient documentation.  I sent them the same info again including a print out of the eBay pages saying I'd won the item and the selling price (I gave up on getting MSRP so I could replace my scope).  USPS again denied my claim stating that I had to show proof that funds had been exchanged!  eBay folks couldn't believe the wringer USPS was putting me through and were terrific in sending me additional info on the completed transaction that they never provide anyone.  I should mention that I had already deleted PayPal's email notifying me of my payment.  The very day I was going to mail my third attempt at reimbursement the scope manufacturer sent me an email acknowledging receipt of my scope.  USPS tracking still indicated the scope was lost somewhere between my post office and the next stop.  Would have been nice if I'd mailed that documentation a day earlier and been successful in getting reimbursed.  It would have served the USPS right.

BTW, try challenging the USPS guy by telling him that the USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government and that airguns are neither listed nor match the definition of firearms contained in Title 18 United States Code, Chapter 44, Section 921(a)(2) and see what he says. 

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