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I'm I to assume you really could mount any scope on any rifle and make it perfect, I don't believe it

Skip you mention 2 to 3  degrees that is a very small amount, even if you had the bubble in the level centered it could be off 2 or 3 degrees

there is to much human perception involved to be perfect but trying are best is all anyone could do

I have thought of making a scope mounting table, 1 foot square, 1/4 inch thick, dovetail and weaver-picatinny rail mounted of said plate corner adjustment screws and 3 or 4  bubble levels but have never done it but you would be able to get that scope soft mounted as close to perfect as you could get, that's what I reason

of course you would start on the rifle, pistol to get eye relief needed  but even after all of that would it be perfect, I doubt it but we al try

I wonder if you thought your scope was perfect I would or the other way around

are small holes and perfection an overrated goal  

sorry just some musings from an old man

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