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Got to do a bit of shooting this morning.  Basically zeroing my scope and pellet culling before the heat got unbearable.

My Uragan short likes pellets in this order:

  1. JSB 18g (840fps)
  2. JSB Hades (900fps)
  3. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extremes
  4. H&N Baracuda Hunter
  5. H&N Baracuda
  6. JSB Jumbo Monster Redesigns
  7. Predator Polymags
  8. NSA 217 19g

I love putting holes in Splatterburst targets!  I used each 1'' intersection to document the vertical and horizontal clicks needed for each pellet at 25y & 50y (the extent of my range).

I'm guessing it didn't like the heavier pellets because it couldn't push them fast enough.  Interestingly enough, every single projectile fit into the AGT magazine.