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It's not the scope!
And so it goes…………..
Baker Airguns: I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the scope.Unfortunately, it is beyond our capability to repair those.I would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly for a warranty repair.
 Aztec: No response :(
AOA answered my email and told me to call them. I did, left a message and  they never returned the call……….but,maybe they are behind from 4th of July holiday(?)
Palm Beach Airguns: Joel responded right away (4 total emails in 2 days) and was willing to get the scope problem solved/replaced… but wanted me to make sure it was the scope and not the rifle. So………I tried one of my other Aztec scopes and the problem was still there. Just to make sure,I rotated the scope in the mounts 45° so the cross hair was an "X" and it still had a horizontal shot string of about 3". Should have done that first instead of swapping out scopes 🙁  My Wildcat .25 was immediately  shooting ragged holes at the same distance and conditions. I taped a piece of plastic to the front of the moderator and it broke a clean hole in the center of it when I fired a shot, so it's not clipping pellets. I recently had the rifle apart to install a Delrin C3 bumper to replace the chewed up factory 0-ring bumper. It was then shooting great for probably over 200 shots……and then it suddenly went goofy. Every thing is square and tight, EXCEPT I see the barrel shroud is crowded to the right side of the picatinny rail mount. It and the flat bar under it is square to the action block. It is not touching the mount but pretty close. Not sure how or why that is. Rifle  has never been dropped or bumped. Guess I'll have to take it apart and see what is up 🙁
Really weird condition. Every time I take it out the windage is 3" off. Correct for it with turret clicks and it is fine for several shots. Next day, same thing all over again :(

Rotated the scope in the mount. Proved the scope wasn't the problem

Barrel shroud is crowded to the right side for some odd reason but the shroud IS NOT touching the rail mount

Plastic taped over the moderator. Exit hole was dead center.