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 Brian… did you see any affect on accuracy or group size?

Why would an LDC improve accuracy? It is not their purpose, I supposed if your accuracy improved by using it would be good. But I’ve haven’t heard they improve accuracy.

Correct.  It is not the primary objective of a sound moderator to increase accuracy.  Obviously, the primary purpose is to reduce sound, which they do.  However, I have seen posts stating group size decreased after installing some models of LDC.  I know I remember a post about a DFL SUMO doing this, but can't find it.  I also believe it was in .25 cal, but I can't stake my life on it.  I've seen multiple online claims that a well made and fitted moderator/suppressor can increase accuracy due to the ability of some designs to perform an "air stripping" function where the turbulent air behind the pellet is eliminated before it leaves the moderator and begins it's flight path from the moderator.  I'm sure this varies by design and manufacturer, and some models may affect accuracy, and some may not.  I was just looking for anyone who may have real-world experience with a DonnyFL LDC on a .30 cal FX Impact X and whether they say any improvement in accuracy.