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Evensteven 101 has a nice clamp on picatinny rail for the Prod on eBay. Check out item # 192529947825 on eBay. He has nice single shot trays for several manufacturers also.



I believe eve this is the tactical mount that Dennis referred to. It is 3D printed, and clamps onto the pressure pipe of the PRod. I have it on mine. All you would need is a QD 1” diameter scope mount mounted on the body of a 1” OD tactical light and you’re set.


Now, having said that, this clamp will spin freely on the pipe. There is no way to tighten it down enough without the bolt ripping thru the 3D material. I emailed that EVENSTEVEN fella and told him he either needed to shrink down the diameter of his product and change out the bolt for a longer one, or better and easier yet, do what I did and stick on a two sided Gorilla brand tape on the inside saddle of the clamp, so it not only reduces the inside diameter, but it adds friction/sticktion by not allowing the clamp to spin once tightened. Maybe even provide a strip to the customer. I emailed him pics of not only my finished install, but also a pic of which tape I used. I’m not sure if he made changes to it or provides the two sided tape. Oh, last thing, if you look close at the bolt it is a finger tighten knob. I swapped out that bolt for an Allen head bolt so I could cinch it down tighter.

Mine is now solid, and won’t spin off center every time I push on the flashlights on button at the rear of the light.

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