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Anyone have the Veteran long in .25? I shot it at Utah airguns and it is awesome! Best trigger I've ever pulled, and I own the mk2 in .30 and impact x in .30

It was shooting the mk2's at like 960 fps! Wonder how it handles slugs??


I am very pleased with the performance of my Taipan Veteran Long .25 cal. shooting slugs. In fact, the Veteran .25 caliber with the Lothar Walther barrel performs better for me with the slugs than my FX Impact .25 caliber with the slug liner. 

I use 34.7 gr Nielsen and 32.8 Varmint Knockers in both rifles.

Me too i shoot 48 grains slugs with mine, and it's a real hammer even at 200 yards, just need to up the speed but the accuracy are perfect, and last but not least no need to size bullets.  the barrel strangely like 251 and 252 slugs better than 250